Friday, March 13, 2009

A normal day which will soon cease to be

this was written on thurs on my handphone, and i just never found the time to put it up, so here it is (warning: boring post ahead, unless your name is sharon or debbie :p)

Yesterday was a rather normal school day. As usual, i couldn't wake up, despite the fact that class was at 12. Rushed to school, as usual, bursting through the door something like 10 mins late. Luyi, chian and I took longer than was given for break, having had to check out one of the first successful bazaars in the concourse. Alas, the queue for Ramley Burger was too long n not only did I not get the burger in the end, I was late, for the 2nd time that day. What a disaster!

Met debbie at 315, in a valiant attempt to keep to our weekly wed meet-up after we stopped taking at least 1 class together abt a yr and a half ago. She was attacking the international fair, and I would soon find out her intentions...

We checked out the photo booth. "Flaunt it", it was called; for me it will probably be one of the last times i get to flaunt my student status for special student deals. We made plans to return today to get a resume photo taken. I say "plans", because that's what we always do initially, with noble resolves to stick to them, but we both knew that things change all the time, as we would later see...

I then found out about the free international buffet / potluck - the requirement was to visit 4 booths to get 4 stickers to be eligible... Now we know why debbie was attempting a quiz on vietnam when i found her... She already had 2 stickers, so we needed 2 more. (we rationalised tt we could share e stickers, or the food.) She simply brought me to e same 2 booths to do e exact same things she did, and then we shamelessly went for the food. Yes I guess it's true that we would only do such cheapo things together... :) the corner we chose to hide our faces while we ate turned out to be not much of a corner, and we were spotted by asilah, joan, eugene, weeleng and yangwei. Owells.

Headed to the gym(!), for the 2nd time this year and probably the 5th time in the lasy 4 years. Earlier this semester i decided that i should make use of what remaining short time I have left in SMU to fully utilise the "state-of-the-art" facilities. Alas! One doesn't turn from an absolute gym-hater to a gym freak overnight, and I only lasted 25 mins on the cardio machine. The TV shows were boring and no matter how fast I tried to go my heart refused to beat faster to my "target" heartrate of 180. Guess my mind told my legs tt I was too unfit and so it didn't go too fast. Nonetheless, i was sufficiently tired and bored watching channel 5 I decided to call it a day, or half hour, depending on how u look at it. Was looking forward to a shower in the nice showers but found that I had forgotten my toiletries! To think i spent way too long packing them in the morning, resulting in my being late for class! Sigh! Figured that i was going home anyway, i didn't really need to shower... Haha. I mean, since when have I showered after smelly hockey trainings, or muddy frisbee training for that matter?

Met sharon @ raffles city and she gave me a ride back on her shiny black vespa. It's only my 2nd time pillioning behind her and I was quite scared (the 1st isn't even counted cos it was within cck!). Going up the circular ramp of the carpark was bad enough, but being overtaken by another motorbike while already being in between 2 cars was too much of a close shave for me. When that guy went by he was literally 3 cm away! and then, while still on the BKE, the inevitable occurred - it started to rain. Sharon rode into the shoulder where many other bikers were busy putting on raincoats, and guess what - she changed out of her moccasins into slippers. Shoes, we love our shoes way too much... Haha. We didn't bother with the raincoat (there's only 1 anyway)because we were almost home and the rain wasn't tt heavy anyway. But still, it was funny.

Much later that night, at like 345am, while I was still having my strat meeting online (which started at 930pm btw), i got a notification tt debbie had posted a video of me on facebook. memories of tt fateful drive into boston where our faithful car broke down and we had to abandon it. What on earth was she doing awake at 4am?!? She came on msn and we knew there and then that meeting today at 11am was impossible.

The time now is 2pm, and i'm standing in line for the photo thing, and waiting for debbie to turn up.

This is the story of our lives, for now.


  1. i would just like to say that i don't even think you CLEANED UP after muddy frisbee..

    cool i shall try tying a blog entry out using my handphone.

  2. 180bpm is quite fast for a cardio workout!!

  3. fangwei: shhh. nowadays when it's muddy i'm not even there. :p

    lem: oops, but that's what the chart in the gym said to target for... haha... nvm i'll try to remember that the next time i step into the gym, hopefully soon!

  4. Hey... give me the link to the video. I want to see :)

  5. hahah oh no you were very scared being my pillion is it? shucks. why never say!